(More than just Sunday School)


Christian Formation Defined – Christian formation concerns that process of growth toward wholeness in Christ. It is our continuing journey of being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Christ, experiencing and expressing love for God and others. Paul used the word formation in his letter to the Galatian church: “until Christ is formed in you.”

Learning to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, however, is a life-long process. We never “graduate” from the school of Christian living. The result of this life-long process is real, radical change, as expressed in both our individual and our community life

Christian Formation Classes at Scandia Covenant Church


Nursery/Preschool/Kindergarten Lessons with Pat Newbill Children will enjoy lessons about the Bible and fun activities to help prepare them for the next level of Sunday School.

Multi-age (Grades 1- 5) Learning about Faith and the Bible-Sunday school teacher Carie Ristau teaches the children the books of the Bible, teaches the Bible stories, and does it all with the aid of games and hands on arts and crafts.

Junior/Senior High class A time of fellowship and learning with teacher Steve Colvin.(Downstairs classroom).

Seniors Class – (Adult Class) Covering topics of interest to older members of the church family. Currently studying: “The Minor Prophets”(Upstairs Classroom).

Teacher:  Judy Bruce

Walking Thru the Bible (Adult Class) Come journey through the Bible and learn more about building your relationship with God.(Upstairs Classroom).

Teacher:  Patti Anderson