Women Ministries exists to advance God’s kingdom through ministries that equip women to grow, serve and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. How? By connecting women in transformational relationships and uniting them in Christ to impact our world.

Connecting Women

To grow. . .

Women Ministries provides opportunities for women to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Through ministries designed for their unique interests and needs, Women Ministries connects women to encourage their ongoing spiritual formation as disciples of Jesus Christ. To reflect the diversity within the church and its community, gifted leaders create multiple opportunities for moving people ever closer to Jesus.

From small accountability groups to large regional retreats to even larger triennial women’s conferences, Women Ministries provides women opportunities for spiritual renewal. Some women enter into faith for the first time; others leave encouraged to deepen their walk with Jesus. Through these ministries, Women Ministries strengthens friendships and families, and in turn, the church.

To serve…

Women Ministries celebrates the Holy Spirit’s calling and gifting of women to participate fully in God’s kingdom work. Women Ministries encourages and equips women to discern their individual calling in the life of the church. Skilled leaders envision the potential in every ministry for including more and more women in faith, fellowship and service. (Click here for more information on the Association for Covenant Clergy Women).

Uniting women of the Covenant to impact their world is the heart beat of Women Ministries, always endeavoring to faithfully follow God’s leading and realize the visions he gives. Since its inception in 1916, Women Ministries has mobilized women to partner together in ministries of evangelism and compassion and to advocate for women and children. Their legacy of sacrificial giving has left an imprint on the Covenant. Far too many to list, these ministries have touched people around the world with the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

To reach out…

Women Ministries provides entry points into the family of God. Through purposeful inclusion ministries designed uniquely for women, Women Ministries serves as a tool to grow and strengthen the church. Trained leaders, embracing the diversity within the church, intentionally bring women together. As women connect in meaningful relationships, they find a home not only in the church family but ultimately in the family of God.

Women Ministries reaches out into their communities with the good news of Jesus Christ. Compassion ministries have identified Women Ministries throughout its history. From support groups for hurting women to practical help to those in need, trained leaders direct women to express their faith in tangible ways. Women Ministries connects the compassionate hearts of women to hurting people at home and around the world.

Women Ministries gives leadership to ministries to and through women in churches of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Through a shared vision and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, Women Ministries works within the Covenant and the broader church to obey the great commandment and the great commission, carrying out Christ’s redeeming work of love, mercy, and justice in the world.

WOMEN MINISTRIES began in 1916 and over the years it continues to transition in order to minister to and through women of the Evangelical Covenant Church.The Women’s History Commission was formed in 1987 through the generous gift of Adeline Bkorkman. The Commission is dedicated to recording the stories of women who have made a significant contribution to the life and ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The Commission is funded through the sale of Women Ministries’ Recognition Awards.